Bonaire is the number one place in the world for windsurfing. At the beautiful lagoon of Sorobon (Lac Bay Bonaire), the windsurfing school Jibe City with the Hang Out Beachbar is located. Here the local, national and international top of, in particular, the freestyle windsurfers train. Our guests can also learn to windsurf through the extensive beginners lessons, group or private. For the non-greens there are group lessons for advanced or private lessons. The course groups usually consist of a maximum of 5 participants and a windsurfing instructor, so that attention is assured.

During the first beginners lesson you will learn a lot about the wind, the windsurfing equipment, safety, getting on the board and sailing back and forth. During the follow-up lessons you can put all that you’ve learned into practice on the water!

Visit the Sunwise website here for more information about windsurfing and other water sports on Bonaire!

Photo: WeShareBonaire

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