The coasts of Bonaire are some of the most beautiful you will probably ever see. They offer a beautiful entrance to the turquoise blue and crystal clear Caribbean Sea and its coral reefs. Since most of our beaches are very rocky or made of solidified lava and dead coral, it is sometimes difficult to enter the water. Fortunately, we are blessed with a number of sandy beaches, hidden or otherwise, of which the large crowd is at least unaware of the existence. We’ve listed some of those below, so sit back and start planning your next beach day. The beautiful photos were taken by the WeShareBonaire team:


If you drive down the road along Bachelor’s Beach near Aventura, on EEG Boulevard, you won’t notice the little tropical paradise that lies below. This is due to the 3 meter high rock wall that “protects” the hidden oasis. Only after the first few steps on the small staircase will the white sand and light blue water reveal themselves. Especially during the weekends, Bachelor’s Beach is a popular place for locals to gather with their family and friends. Furthermore, the conditions are very favorable to lie in the calm waters with a cold beer and good company. Unfortunately, the beach is too narrow to spread out your beach towel and other gear (nothing stays dry). By the way, if you are hungry, the food truck “King Kong Burger” sells delicious burgers here most days, just a stone’s throw from the beach. Bachelor’s Beach is in the Belnem area, just past the exit towards Sorobon.

Bachelor’s Beach


Raw, rough and beautiful. This uncut diamond in Washington Slagbaai National Park offers a unique adventure full of adrenaline. Sometimes strong, gusts of wind create high waves and strong currents, making the water challenging to swim in and creating spectacular water shows. Playa Chikitu means ‘small beach’ and nevertheless has a quite large, wide sandy beach with large rocks at the edges providing shade to escape the scorching sun. For safety reasons, we recommend that you check with the park’s organization about the conditions around this beach before entering!

Playa Chikitu


The “I love you beach”, literally translated, is located just in front of Bonaire airport. The shallow coral reef forms a barrier around the beach, creating very favorable swimming conditions for all ages. In addition, the white sandy beach has quite a few trees that provide enough shade for the visitors. For those who like super fresh fish, the food trucks here, most days at Te Amo beach, prepare fresh catches daily and much more! Especially on Saturdays and Sundays, the beach can be busy with a lovely, peaceful atmosphere that occasionally ends in a sparkling beach party.

Te Amo Beach


The name says it all… This golden strip of sand on the beautiful blue water, lies ‘somewhere’ in the Belnem district. Those lucky enough to find this place will discover a hidden gem. Once on the beach you are probably alone, because not many people know this small private paradise (and we like to keep it that way).

The Secret Spot


A landscape that you normally only see on ‘wallpapers’ or postcards. Hidden behind a mass of rocks, this little piece of heaven-on-earth fulfills the holiday feeling you’ve always been looking for. A setting that offers perfect conditions for swimming, playing in the sand or taking that extraordinary Instagram photo. Located in Washington Slagbaai National Park, Wayaka II will undoubtedly be the highlight of your day trip to the park. Fun fact: this beach is also known for the pair of French Angelfish, which live in the surrounding coral reef.

Wayaka II


You can go the approximately 800 meters by boat or swim. Both options eventually take you from Kralendijk to an uninhabited island, with a large sandy beach. Famous for its pristine corals and turtle nesting grounds. We recommend that you bring your own drinks and snacks, as there are no catering establishments on the island. In addition, the beach can be relatively busy, especially in high season. If you take a short walk on the beach, you will soon find yourself lost in paradise, without anyone else around. Tip: there are several water taxis to Klein Bonaire every day, but many of our guests rent a boat themselves.

No Name Beach – Klein Bonaire


Untouched, authentic and heartwarming. Surrounded by mangrove forests and the 50 shades of blue Sorobon lagoon makes this place truly unique. The calm waters are very favorable for swimming or kayaking in the mangrove forests. A ‘must see’ are the cone-shaped shell mountains and try the local cuisine in the wooden restaurant. The overall atmosphere is warm, welcoming and non-commercial, a public beach where families gather, meet, socialize and enjoy all that the Caribbean has to offer. And on the other side of Lac, you’ll find the well-known Hang Out Beachbar.

Lac Cai


The south side of Bonaire is untamed and very colorful. The salt lakes make it even more surreal than it already is. That is why we can recommend all visitors to Bonaire to visit this beautiful area. The south coasts are usually very rocky, but if you search carefully, there is a chance that you will find nice sandy places to enter the sea. A little further than the kite beach Atlantis, the sandy spots are more common and you can have your own beach for a day…

Salt Lake Beaches

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