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Aventura Bonaire: about us

Roy is young, driven, and well known to Bonaire, where he grew up in his teenage years. After finishing high-school on Bonaire he moved to cold Amsterdam to study and work. In march 2017 he came back to the sunny island and opened, together with his family, Aventura Bed and Breakfast.
"Aventura Bed & Breakfast was a beautiful project full of passion, learning, meeting wonderful people, and facing new challenges. After a year we decided to change the bed & breakfast concept to ‘Villa Aventura’, focusing on group rental up to 17 guests. Which has led to lots of new opportunities due to the changing tourist industry on Bonaire. Villa Aventura is a perfect location for groups such as weddings, friends, families, and business. The beautiful architecture, luxurious rooms, an authentic Caribbean atmosphere and personal service has led to a experience of a lifetime to our guests."

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On the Villa Aventura page on the website of our rental manager Sunwise Bonaire, you can look for availability, get the best rates (including a last-minute offer for the 20 nights after the booking date!) and book directly. Should you have any questions, Sunwise or the management at Aventura will be glad to answer them.

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Our story, our goal
We are at your service, always ready to receive our beloved guests! We strive for an unforgettable, unique experience for our guests, so that they see all their holiday needs fullfilled. We do not hesitate to think and act 'out of the box', next to our basic service. That service consists of clean rooms, a breakfast tailored to everyone's wishes, varying from fresh fruit, smoothies, juices, hot sandwiches, various sieves, pancakes, local pastries, etc. All units have a fridge, clean towels are provided every day and we are always rready to provide help or answer any questions.

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Our location

Both the Sorobon area and Kralendijk are just a few minutes by car away

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Our service

We make sure everybody feels at home with us by maintaining a hgh service level

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Your adventure

The unforgettable adventure you can live on Bonaire, both on water and land

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